Monday, August 26, 2013

under the currents of conflict - nicaragua

I traveled to Nicaragua in the spring of 1988. There had been a pause in the fighting between the U.S. backed Contras and the Sandinistas, and I felt that it might be a time, as the season began a period of growth and renewal, to gather and collect information and meaning from the land and from the population of ravaged people caught in a violent and tragic conflict.
My focus tended to fall on the children of this country, and how they, the future of Nicaragua, were affected by the daily destruction and reshuffling of lives. What they might be learning as they grew up within this atmosphere of war was emotionally difficult to think about.
There are 100 photographs in this portfolio, all printed on 11"x 14" Portriga Rapid. Twenty-three photos from this series were published in a book titled "Children of Conflict", published by Swengros Publishers and the National Institute for Exploration in 1989.