Monday, August 26, 2013


In a pocket of deep memory, I see myself as a child on the living room floor, playing with blocks, toy vehicles, and human figures as they acted out whatever archetypal dramas materialized in my mind. With my head down to the carpet, I would look up at the scenes and imagine them as deep monumental environments occupied by life sized figures, and I could imagine myself there in the scene, ready to play my own part within a fantastic adventure.

Currently, I have been constructing environments and atmospheric qualities that I feel are personally reflective and familiar within a subconscious story. I use book lights and architectural model figures, arranged along the floors and walls of the old Victorian house in which I live, and from a low perspective I photograph scenes that appear to be within long deep hallways along an ancient, dusty, waiting room. The figures, in positions of casual waiting, suspended animation, daydream, and disinterested anticipation, seem to have accepted their fate, and that they are destined to remain there for a long time, maybe just short of infinity. I printed this subject matter with a Van Dyke Brown emulsion to give the feel that they might be the remains of an old portfolio, recovered from an expedition made in the mid nineteenth century, the only remaining evidence of some lost, yet mysteriously familiar place.