Monday, August 26, 2013

morrish passage

This series of palladium prints came out of some visits to Morocco in 1997, and Southern Spain in 1998. Both experiences produced visual documents of people and places in amalgamated cultures that have grown between the roots of Eastern and Western cultures. After working on these separate portfolios, I still felt a need to weave together some sort of visual story from the residual fragments and influence that still haunt the route of Moorish passage.
I decided to print these photographs with the warm black spread of palladium because I felt that it would hold more of the dreamlike atmosphere that I was especially drawn to and inspired by. I also felt that by hand coating the palladium emulsion onto the paper I would present a more magical context for the image to be wrapped in. I also liked the handmade qualities that the hand coating provided, similar to the visual effect within the stucco spread walls and passages along the routes that I followed.