Monday, August 26, 2013


From the very beginning of my involvement with Photography I have repeatedly made a particular type of visual notation from perspectives along the journeys of my life. They reoccur through the years in similar structure and design from roll of film to roll of film. They are taken as I stand before a point of passage, looking forward into the direction that I am headed.
These passages have led me across bodies of water and open land, along the Main Streets of great cities, to the doorways of old friends and family. These views have printed themselves deeply into my physical and spiritual memory, and have become a lasting geography of my soul.
Along these routes of passage I have grown into who I am. Though I was born into a family, and have extended it further with my own, I feel that I am also what Melville's Ishmael refers to as "isolatoes", an islander, a person perpetually searching for passages that promise an approach to yet another shore, a shore connected to that which might complete me.
There are over one hundred photos in this on-going series. All are printed to 16"x 20", on a warm tone, Forte Elegance paper.